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Get your Pizza for Bitcoins!

As Seen OnWelcome to Pizza for Coins!


We are a new website devoted to your hunger needs...but only if you're in the mood for pizza :).

Going back to the infamous 10,000btc for pizza back in 2010, we're offering a system for ordering pizzas with your bitcoins!

Order through our website with bitcoins and receive a hot and fresh Domino's Pizza straight to your doorstep!


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How it Works

  • You put in your address to check if your local pizza place of choice is open and delivers to your address.
  • Upon verification that they deliver to your address, you choose what you want from the menu.
  • At checkout, you are given the Bitcoin Address to send payment to.
  • Please send payment to the address unique to your order and then click "place order."
  • We will verify your payment and your order will be placed with the pizza place of choice within 10 minutes of us receiving confirmation of payment. 
  • You enjoy your hot and delicious pizza, wings, refreshing soda, or crisp salads!!

Total Time from placing order to receiving food can vary but typically is anywhere from 35-80 Minutes.

What it costs:
-We set our exchange rate as close to the 24 Hour Low of Bitstamp. The reason for this is that with rapid fluctuation of rates and occasional drops, we do not want to be left holding a worthless bag if the rate drops for some reason. We update prices on a daily basis.





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If you love our concept feel free to tip us any amount. Eventually, our plan is to make it cheaper to order with btc than with any other currency but we can only do it with your help and your orders.


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