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Get your Pizza for Bitcoins!


 This website was created to further expand the usability of bitcoins on the open market.

The concept is simple: the ability to order a pizza, pay in bitcoins, and have delivered to your door quickly and efficiently.

We only accept bitcoins or BTC. Please see below to learn how you can get bitcoins.

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Aaron and I have known each other for over half our lives, first meeting in elementary school and staying in touch till now. We both have been actively involved in the technology field as a hobby while employing seperate day jobs throughout the years. The idea of came to us back in Mid-September of 2012. It took lots of brainstorming of how to create the site and how to run it. With hours of time spent at the drawing board, designing, and testing, was born.

This was not our first bitcoin related website. Our first bitcoin retail endeavor was which is a site that sells gift cards for Bitcoins. It has a very large selection of cards from restaraunts, to movie theaters, to gas stations, and of all different values at competative exchange rates and FREE shipping in the USA. We also have electronics specials of the day from time to time.

In an effort to gain your trust of who is behind this company, here we are! Feel free to add us on facebook! If we are online, we'd love to chat and hear your feedback on our site!


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What is a Bitcoin

If you don't know what a bitcoin is, here are a few links to read up on them. Great video to explain Bitcoins)
-Bitcoin Wiki


How To Get BTC

There are lots of different ways to get BTC just like there are lots of ways to get any currency. You can sell something and get paid in BTC, you can exchange USD for BTC, there is even a Bitcoin Faucet website that gives SMALL amounts of bitcoins away free every day. A Currency Exchange to Change from BTC to USD (Charges Fees to deposit and withdrawal USD) A Currency Exchange to Change from BTC to USD (No Fee Deposits and withdrawals of USD) A Currency Exchange to Change from BTC to USD (No Fee Deposits and withdrawals of USD)

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