About Us

About Our Team:

The ForCoins Team is very passionate about the use and future of digital currency. We believe in bitcoin which is why we started accepting it for payment back in February of 2013 which makes us one of the ORIGINAL bitcoin merchants.

We have recently relaunched after having been on hiatus for over 2 years. We are excited to get back into the crypto space and be able to once again serve our crypto community with their pizza needs. 

Riley Generic placeholder image

Co Founder, self proclaimed Bitcoin Pizza Guy
Riley has been with PizzaForCoins since the beginning. Originally Co-founding it, he has been around and enjoyed every minute of it. He loves
crypto and loves being able to serve those who want some yummy pizza with their crypto!

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Co Owner, Master People Please, "The Law Dude"
Aaron came into PizzaForCoins to help Riley keep the wheels on the cart and keep stuff moving along smoothly. He is a lawyer by day,
and a PizzaForCoins Support Master by all the time in between!

About PizzaForCoins:

This website was created to further expand the usability of crypto currency on the open market. The concept is simple: the ability to order a pizza, pay in crypto, and have delivered to your door quickly and efficiently. We only accept crypto. Please see below to learn how you can get bitcoins.

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