Delivery Information

As soon as payment has been received from your order, delivery will be scheduled with your local Pizza company of your choice. The order will be put in within 10 minutes of you placing it and depending on the cooking time and driving time, you can expect your order at your door within an hour or so. Please understand that things can happen out of our control that can affect the timeliness of your delivery.
Privacy & Security
We have done everything within our power to put in place the necessary security measures to safeguard any information we have collected from our customers on our website. All information collected is only used for purposes of filling orders. No information will ever be sold or distributed outside of our company.
Food Quality Issues
Please THOROUGHLY check your order to verify it is correct before the delivery person leaves. If you have any issues be sure to let them become aware so they can correct it. If there is an issue after the delivery man has left, call the local store and request to have it corrected. If you still have an issue, we will be happy to help you resolve it.
To order a product from our website just place an item in your cart and proceed to checkout. After inputting all your information, you will be presented with a payment address based on the crypto you are choosing to pay with, and you can send payment. Once payment has been received we will send you a confirmation email and process your order.